OxyGen Band - Meet the Band

 Scott Day

Lead Vocal & Guitar

Scott has a long list of credits to his name. A talented vocalist with an amazing range as well as an accomplished guitar player. Scott has extensive experience in a range of musical formats. In addition to his solo and duo credits, Scotty has played with a number of bands including; Bad Sneakers, Matchbox 20 /  Rob Thomas tribute show.




Andrew 'Wally' Walcott 

Drums and Percussion.

The eclectic electric kit hitter - Wally has 20+ years experience at banging things. Making loud noises on a fancy electronic kit with more gongs, doof doof, bells and whistles than you could ever imagine. Previously with; Vicious Fishes, What's that smell? and Lost Property. Wally plays Roland V series drums.



 Gordon 'Fingers' Cormack 

 Lead Guitar & Vocals. 

The pocket rocket of rock! Gordy grinds out great lead breaks and brilliant interpretations of the latest highly produced hits on his axe. Previously touring with bands such as; Bad Sneakers, Melody Street, Voyeur, Strappz and The Alternatives - amongst others.

Steve 'Shep' Shepherd

 Bass & Vocals.

Steve continues to delight and amaze the band with his tasty slurps and licks from his instrument  of choice....the margarita blender! He also plays Bass and sings. Steve enjoyed touring up and down the East Coast for many years. Previously with; Julie Kember, Free Wheelin', Tall Timbre, Barflies, Nicki Gillis, Nightowls and many more...


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